What About the Art of Allowing/Law of Attraction??

“Thoughts are magnetic, and thoughts have a frequency. As you think, those thoughts are sent out into the Universe, and they magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency. Everything sent out returns to the source. And that source is YOU!” ~ Rhonda Byrne, THE SECRET.

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A number of years ago, the wonderful book THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne came out into the world and caused quite a stir! It is an absolute literary treasure chest of collected wisdom on the power we humans have to create our experience of what we call “reality”.  It is, in essence, about the power of manifestation, which in truth, ancient sages, shamans, magicians,teachers, guides, gurus, mentors and Holy inspired ones, have been trying to communicate to us for hundreds…and yes, thousands of years.

In this age of consumerism, manifestation to many means more money, more of a bigger, better desired THING, more stuff. And yes, learning and implementing the practices of the Art of Allowing/Law of Attraction can bring those material desires into your life. But the key word is PRACTICE which is a commitment to focus and clarity, a willingness to take the time and courage to really observe your conditioned, habitual ways of thinking and speaking, and to do the WORK ( and it takes work, altho it is fun!) to evoke changes for the positive things and experiences you wish to bring into your life.

My own experience with study, creating and DOING Practices/Exercises has been exciting, especially as I have worked in several circles sharing these things, and watching people really become enthusiastic about experimenting, and then routinely getting together for on-going sharing of results..”manifestations'”  in our lives..tiny ones and big ones, but all of them celebrated and blessed with gratitude! Do we have stories to tell about how we focused, what we were wanting to bring in, and how synchronicities and events and opportunities lined up to surprise and delight us! The more we pay attention and take  note of the “magic”, the more it happens.

My own personal experience with Manifestation is that what comes to me comes with an air of mischief, playfulness and humour! I find myself laughing often during the “dialogue” between myself and the Universe, which seems to answer me with a surprise gift and an imagined answer  “You rang?” to my asking.

A secret to this whole process of working with your thoughts, your words and your feelings…(all key) is remembering this ancient wisdom:   “The Universe is a MIRROR. And the Universe always says YES!!”  Yes to what you put out, yes to the way you state the way things ARE,  the way you prophesy for yourself the way it’s going to BE, the way you believe what you can do and why, OR what you can’t do, and why.

The Universe is a Mirror. And the Universe always say YES.  (What do YOU see when you project a thought/or desire/or prediction on to that Mirror?)

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**** This program has been presented as a workshop in groups, and as 90 minute lecture at the University level. EIGHT fun exciting practices for changing your mood, attitude, perspective and outcomes are taught for effecting change on your life experience and well-being. 

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What About Lunch and Learn Seminars for the Workplace?

Arrowhead Me      Lunch and Learn Seminars in the Workplace offer an interesting and relaxing opportunity for personal and professional education, inspiration, team building and the enhancement of quality service to clients and patients.Scheduled during the lunchtime hour, a program series of two sessions 45-60-minutes each, can uplift and educate at the same time, improving team co-operation and creativity, as well as offering life-enhancement practices useful both personally and professionally.

**A variety of wholistic workshops tailor-made for presentations are offered also in daylong retreats, or half-day seminars as well. Listings of topics will be posted shortly.

LUNCH AND LEARN SEMINAR #1: The Art of Allowing/Law of Attraction for the Workplace                     (Two 45-60 minute sessions, 4 weeks apart  OR  One 2-hour session complete)

FIRST SESSION: Paying attention to our language positive and negative  

  • Teaching: The thoughts we think, and the words we use create our experiences, our opportunities and our future
  • Teaching: Two introductory Exercises/Practices to put ourselves in the right “space” to welcome in (“allow”) what we want.

SECOND SESSION: The Art of Allowing/Law of Attraction for the Workplace.

  • Five Exercises/Practices to make being at work a pleasure personally and professionally with co-workers, staff and those you serve (clients, patients, customers)


PRICE:  by arrangement                            Please note: At this time, Seminars available in RI only

CONTACT: Christine Phoenix-Green @ cphoenixrising@earthlink.net                                                                      (please write “Lunch and Learn Seminars” on subject line).

See other information about Christine’s programs and writings at:                             http://www.thegreeningspiritmysteryschool.com   AND   http://thegreeningspirit.wordpress.com

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Recommendations for this Program and for Christine’s Offerings

“As Executive Director of Arrowhead Dental Associates, I am  always looking for something interesting and appropriate for our staff to get involved in, listen to , and learn so that our patient experience continues to be exceptional…Christine was concerned about condensing her daylong workshop into and hour and a half (total), but thanks to her ability to get to the point and translate her information so that it  can be applied to a dental practice setting, it was a complete success. Christine prepared her..workshop so that we were able to understand the concept of the Art of Allowing/Law of Attraction and then apply its principles to the workplace. Compassion, gratitude, harmony, clarity and a positive attitude, all words we are familiar with, Christine brought to life. Taking the time during our busy days to acknowledge the beauty and grace that surrounds us, to appreciate the people we spend time with, to see that we are blessed with so much can bring us serenity and peace even during stressful times…We would be delighted to have Christine back again and I would recommend her to any medical or dental practice for a workshop of any length”. ~ Katie Theriault, FAADOM, Executive Director of Arrowhead Dental Associates, Charlestown, R.I .

“Christine has many unique and inspiring programs to help both individuals and professional groups. We were fortunate to have her present a seminar program on  The Art of Allowing/Law of Attraction to our large staff here at Arrowhead Dental Associates. It was a very rewarding, motivational and engaging presentation for our staff on both a personal and professional level. Christine had customized the presentation so that it was very applicable to the challenges and goals that our team faces in our profession. I would highly recommend Christine’s seminars for those looking for an inspiring, motivational and enjoyable team building experience.” ~ Bruce D. Gouin, D.M.D. President,  Arrowhead Dental Associates, Charlestown, R.I.

” I first undertook (personal study) work with Christine in 1998 until the presentt….As a physician myself, I can truly say that a wholeness and healing of the spirit has ripened in me through our work together. Christine works with the whole person on many levels, and works with us in a remarkable variety of ways through dreamowrk, imagery, prayer, meditation,, music and poetry. Christine has the wonderful quality of understanding the universality of what it means to be human,..and relates genuinely, truthfully and easily with others. ~ Dr. David Pugatch, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Medical Industry, Fresno, CA

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Christine for 18 years , both personally and professionally. In my own experience as a professional nurse who has worked  in the field of public health, I can state  without reservation that Christine offers a gift and a service that one cannot find anywhere in the “traditional” therapies. She offers a unique blend of the ancient, sacred and mystical “seeing” and the wisdom  and knowledge of the the well-read and studied professional that she is. For caregivers of all walks of life, at home or in their careers, Christine;s ability to create, plan and synthesize a personal healing program  for individuals or to tailor it for a group’s needs, is outstanding. Highly recommending her for programs to rejuvenate one’s spirit, to nurture or kindle and authentic and fulfilling life.” ~, Mary E. Okero, R.N., B.S., M.P.H.